Made-to-measure traditional curtain pole


Made-to-measure curtain pole with your choice of finials

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Order your made-to-measure wrought iron curtain pole with hand-forged finials following six simple steps below. The price of your pole will be calculated as you go and shown above. All finial design choices are shown in images. [ Please note, this new express builder creates a straight pole with finials at both ends - it includes your specified length of pole, two finials and two or three standard brackets. For curtain poles in settings which need specialist brackets, please order poles, finials and brackets separately via our Curtain Poles product page as usual. ]

Pole Diameter

Choose the diameter of your pole. [ We recommend at least 22mm for a pole above 1.5 metres in length. ] For more about our poles see here


Choose your handmade finial design [ Lengths of finials are provided below here ] For further details about our finials, see here


Choose either our traditional natural black finish or light burnished steel alternative. Read more about our finishes

Pole Length (cm)

Tell us the length of curtain pole in centimetres you need - just the length of straight pole required - finials will be added to this. See our Measuring Guide below.

Choose the number of brackets

Choose '2' for a vertical bracket at each end - suitable for poles under two metres long. Choose '3' to receive a vertical bracket for each end plus a horizontal bracket for the centre – suitable for poles over two metres. [ *You can buy more specialist brackets by ordering a bespoke curtain pole - selecting your pole, finials and brackets separately - here].

Choose the number of rings you require (if using)

Tell us the number you require. We recommend a minimum of one ring per 8cm of pole. Put zero in this box if you are hanging curtains directly onto your pole with eyelets or tab-tops.

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Now that you have chosen your made-to-measure curtain pole

Click here to add curtain holdbacks or tie backs

How to measure for your curtain pole

wrought iron curtain pole measuring guide for straight curtain pole by Nigel Tyas ironwork

To order the exact length of pole you need, measure the width of your window – then we suggest you add 10cm* to either side to allow space for your curtain drawback. Give us this figure for your pole length. Please provide your measurement in centimetres (cm) for our blacksmiths.

* 10cm is our recommendation, this can be increased or decreased as desired, if you have particularly heavy or lightweight curtains for example.

Important note: Do not include the finials in your pole measurement. These are made separately and added with a simple push-fit fitting. We just need a measurement for the length of straight pole you need. (For information, if you’d like to check what the full length of your assembled curtain pole will be, you can find the length of the finial you have chosen below.)

Finial Measurements

Diameter Tendril Spiral Spear Smooth Sphere Shepherd's Crook Serpent Ringlet Rat Tail Forged Ball Curl Button Blanking
16mm 110mm 155mm 150mm 70mm 130mm 100mm 175mm 145mm 70mm 135mm 42mm 6mm
22mm 125mm 180mm 185mm 80mm 180mm 140mm 180mm 180mm 80mm 165mm 48mm 6mm
32mm 165mm n/a 250mm 90mm 250mm 210mm 255mm 220mm 90mm 200mm 60mm 11mm
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