Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs

We offer a selection of quality LED bulbs. Please see the product description of your chosen light to match up the bulb you need.

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Light Bulbs from Nigel Tyas Ironwork

We sell a select range of LED light bulbs to complete your purchase at Nigel Tyas Ironwork.

Please note that most of our lights and lamps do not come with light bulbs as standard, so you do need to buy them separately. Thank you.

All our lighting has standard bayonet or screw bulb fittings and is LED is compatible.

Each light in our online shop specifies the light bulb fitting, type and maximum wattage of light bulb it requires.

When purchasing our dimmable light bulbs please ensure that your dimmer switch is LED compatible for trailing and leading dimming.

We always recommend LED light bulbs as they are much more cost-effective, energy efficient and cooler to the touch.