Curtain Poles

Choose Traditional Curtain Poles made of strong tubular steel with handmade finials or our solid Cottage Poles for a more rustic appearance. All made to measure to suit your window.

Wrought Iron Curtain Poles and Accessories from Nigel Tyas Ironwork

We offer two styles of wrought iron curtain poles – made to measure by our skilled blacksmiths in our Yorkshire forge.

Our most popular poles

The most popular choice is our ‘Traditional’ poles. Available in three diameters with detachable push-fit finials in a dozen beautiful designs. Traditional curtain poles can be made to any length (with poles over 2.2m made in two pieces with discreet join). Please consult our Measuring Guide to help you measure your windows with confidence.

Made from high-quality, thick-walled tubular steel, they provide strength and rigidity, whilst minimising weight. These hollow curtain poles are suitable for fitting to any type of wall. They are actually stronger than solid poles and less liable to flex under the weight of curtains no matter what the length. We therefore recommend our traditional wrought iron curtain poles for any size of window.

You can order a straight made-to-measure traditional pole with your choice of finials using our quick and easy ordering process here.

A more rustic option

We also make solid wrought iron 'Cottage' poles. These beautiful poles are forged from a single piece of steel with a choice of five fixed finials.

Cottage curtain poles are available in two thicknesses and have a lovely rustic feel and appearance. Due to their weight, our cottage poles are suitable for smaller windows. We are happy to advise on this if you have any queries.

Recess poles, Portieres and other styles.

If you require a pole to fit into a recess we have 2 simple pole builders - SINGLE & DOUBLE recess. 

Our made-to-measure wrought iron portières with a single hinged bracket and a choice of handmade finials can be used to swing back and forth over doorways to keep out the cold. See portières.

Bay poles are bespoke and made upon request - please email the team for details. 

More about fittings and accessories

Here at Nigel Tyas Ironwork, we make a range of hand-forged curtain pole brackets to suit any fitting requirement.

We recommend a central bracket, in addition to end brackets, for poles over two metres in length.

We have lots of experience in helping our customers find solutions to all sorts of tricky fitting challenges, and if necessary brackets can be made-to-measure for a perfect fit.

We also sell handmade curtain rings, curtain hooks, and accessories including holdbacks and tieback hooks.


*Please note, any curtain poles made-to-measure over 2.2metres (220cm) in length are made in two parts to allow for shipping. These curtain poles are joined with a neat internal spigot and the discreet join is covered by the central wall bracket, required for this length of pole. (If for any reason you would prefer a long pole in one piece, this can be arranged but will incur a surcharge to cover specialist shipping costs. Additional brackets will be required in most cases - maximum single length available 3metres)

Remember we are here to help. We do know it is important to feel confident in measuring and ordering your curtain poles, so please contact us on 01226 766618 or or email with any queries.

When ordering a made-to-measure curtain pole to fit your window, measure the width of your window then add a little extra length either side to allow space for your curtain drawback. We recommend about 10 cm. Adding the window measurement plus two drawback measurements to give you the total figure for your length of pole.

The curtain drawback refers to the length of pole either side of a window where your curtains will hang when your curtains are open. This is usually about 10cm each side but can vary dependent on what space you feel you need for the weight and style of your curtains.

We recommend 10 cm as standard but consider the weight of your curtains as heavy ones may need a little more space and light ones a little less. It also depends on your personal preference on how much of the window you would still like the curtains to cover when drawn open.

No. Generally, the measurement required refers to the length of straight pole supplied in your made-to-measure pole. Make sure you allow space in your setting for the length of your decorative finals though, to ensure they will fit in.

Measure the distance wall-to-wall inside the recess. Try to take this measurement as close as you can to where you will want to position your pole - as walls can be uneven and this will give a more accurate ensure.

We strongly recommend you don't do this as made-to-measure poles and their decorative finials are made to fit together perfectly and if you saw off the end of your pole you will damage its aperture and affect this fit. You may also damage the metalwork finish of the wrought iron pole. Please measure your window before ordering your made-to-measure curtain pole.

Any curtain poles made over 2.2metres (220cm) in length are made in two parts mainly to allow for shipping and delivery into homes. These curtain poles are joined with a neat internal spigot and the discreet join-line is covered by the central bracket we recommend for all poles over two metres long.

We refer to them as curtain poles but many people call them curtain rods. Essentially a device that mounts to the wall over the top of a window or door to hang a curtain from is a curtain rod or curtain pole. We have a tubular design pole with push fit finials (link to m2m page) and we also have a ‘cottage’ pole which is a solid metal rod with the finials forged in one piece by our blacksmiths.

A finial (FIN-ee-ehl) is an element used to mark the end of something. It derives from the middle English word final which itself is from the Latin word – Finis meaning End. Finials are used in many items of furniture and architecture and are often decorative to create a feature. Carved from wood or stone on bedposts and on roofs they can be very elaborate. Our curtain poles have a forged finial, handmade by our artisan blacksmiths in traditional designs inspired by craft metalwork and local agricultural and natural references.

We produce hollow (traditional) and solid (cottage) curtain poles in mild steel. This does make them heavy compared to many shop bought poles made from thinner materials. They are well supported by our own brackets and need good solid fixings to your wall – if in doubt, seek advice before ordering. We supply fixings for basic wall attachment but some wall coverings may need specialist fixings, eg Plasterboard walls. As an example of weight, our 22mm pole weighs approx. 1.8kg per metre.

The terms reference our hollow (traditional) poles and our cottage (solid) poles. A traditional pole is made from tubular steel with a smooth appearance and the finials push into the ends of the tube and secure with a rubber ring that holds it firmly in place. These poles are available in a variety of sizes, diameters and styles. Our cottage poles are made of solid steel bar, forged in one piece with the finials shaped by our expert blacksmiths. Minimalist in overall design, the surface of the solid steel bar has a slightly more textured appearance than the tube of a traditional pole. Due to the limitations on producing these items they are only available in selected designs and sizes as noted on the website.