Curtain Rings & Curtain Hooks

Curtain Rings and Curtain Hooks

Choose curtain rings or hooks to match your curtain poles.

We sell curtain rings and hooks to fit each size of our traditional poles and cottage curtain poles in matching natural black or light burnished steel finishes.

We generally recommend a minimum of one ring or hook per 10cm of pole. This, of course, depends on how much gather you like in your curtains – add a few more rings or hooks if you prefer a fuller look.

NB - If you are not using rings or hooks and hanging your curtains directly on to your curtain poles for example with tab-top curtains or eyelets, we recommend having your poles powder-coated to seal and finish the surface of the ironwork. This will protect and improve your curtain’s movement. Please contact us for any further advice on 01226 766618 or email

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