Homeware & Garden

Our range of homeware includes hooks and rails, mirrors and snails! All handmade in our Yorkshire workshop using the finest wrought iron materials.

Wrought Iron Homeware - Hooks, Rails, Mirrors and Snails!

Our range of beautiful handforged home accessories includes hooks and rails, mirrors and snails - all handmade in our Yorkshire workshop.

Handmade wrought iron homeware can provide the final finishing touches to your home.

Our handforged homeware pieces are all uniquely designed by Nigel Tyas and combine those important design maxims of form and function to perfection.

If you need a wrought iron pan rail, towel rail, mirror or a hook, take a look at our handsome homeware selection.

You’ll notice a particular character here in wrought iron homeware too. Brian the Snail is a tiny creature who embodies what we feel we are all about – he’s made with a great deal of blacksmithing skill and packed with character! Brian is available in ornament and hook form.

If you have any queries at all we are here to help. Please feel free to contact us on 01226 766618 or email sales@nigeltyas.co.uk and we will be pleased to talk to you.