Wall Lights

Wall Lights

Each of our unique wall light designs features its own distinctive detail. This may be simple chamfered edges on a handforged backplate or an elegant wrought iron taper finished with a tiny forged ball tip. Enjoy browsing our eclectic range.

Wrought Iron Wall Lights from Nigel Tyas Ironwork

Nigel Tyas Ironwork produces a wide range of wrought iron wall lights in classic and contemporary designs.

Each of our unique wall light designs features its own distinctive detail. This may be the simple chamfered edges on the handforged backplate of the Winscar wall light, or the elegant wrought iron taper with its tiny forged ball at the tip, which distinguishes the Thurlstone wall light.

Many of our wall light designs come in large or small sizes, and in single, double, and sometimes triple, configurations. You can choose to have your wall light in a natural black or light burnished steel finish, and where candles are part of your chosen wall light design, you can opt for ivory candles tubes or coloured tubes to match your light’s finish.

Our wrought iron wall light range also includes picture lights and wrought iron spotlights.

Bulbs and shades are sold separately to all our wall lights, unless otherwise stated.

If you have any queries at all about our wrought iron wall lights, we are here to help. Please feel free to contact us on 01226 766618 or email sales@nigeltyas.co.uk and we will be pleased to talk to you.

Frequently Asked Wall Light Questions

Choose a well-positioned group of wall lights to provide ambient lighting for whole a room. (You may opt for dimmable light fittings in this case to adjust the level of lighting to suit the mood.) Wall lights are also excellent for adding accent lighting to specific spots around the home, highlighting architectural features and décor or illumination corners and coves. A well-chosen wall light can also supply task lighting by a chair, over a table or a bedside cabinet for reading and handicraft.

Yes, in principle, you can install new wall lights to a wall, but a qualified electrician will need to advise you on where this is possible. All lighting must be installed by a competent electrician in accordance with 'British Standard 7671: Requirements for electrical installations'. If you can't, or prefer not, to fit a new mains-supplied wall light, then you can opt for a plug-in wall light alternative, which just fixes to any wall and has a cable attached which can be plugged into the nearest socket.

Traditional wall lights with candle tubes feature in many period properties and classic interiors however there is a much wider range of wall light designs available to suit any style of contemporary interior including modern rustic, industrial, art deco, urban, global and romantic. Choose a wall light to complement your style.

Yes, wall lights can be fitted with individual switches or pulls to switch them on and off independently. You can enquire about this adaption to any design of wall light at Nigel Tyas Ironwork.

Generally speaking, light fittings such as wall lights are classed as 'fixtures' which are assumed part of a property and should be left in place when you move. However, you may make arrangements to take particular fittings with you as long as you state this clearly as your intention to prospective buyers and leave working alternatives in place. Always talk to your conveyancer about this.

No, you can opt for a for a plug-in wall light, which offers a flexible alternative to a fitting which is connected to the mains. A plug-in wall light just fixes to the wall and has a cable attached which can be plugged into the nearest socket.

The term wall light covers all styles of wall lighting in its many forms. A sconce usually refers to a wall light modelled on the historic style of wall fitting which held candles or torches. The modern sconce tends to feature an upwards pointing light (or lights) often, but not always, with candle tubes.

Wall lights can distribute lighting evenly around a room or along a corridor and shine splashes of light over key areas such as side-tables, corners, seating and walkways. Wall lighting surrounds the room rather than radiates from a centre point and can provide maximum coverage. Wall lights are also often the perfect solution where a central light is not suitable due to low ceilings or room layout.

Yes, this is a growing trend. Plug-in wall lights with cables attached and inline switches are popular, as well as wall lights with individual switches. Wall lights with adjustable heads which allow the light to be directed where you please are good designs for this purpose. The benefits of a wall light over a beside lamp are that they save space on a bedside table and provide light from a higher angle for bedtime reading.

Wall lights can generally take dimmable LED bulbs but it is essential the electrical mains fittings and switches are wired to accommodate this function. Please consult a qualified electrician to ensure your lighting is wired for use with dimmable bulbs. LED dimmable bulbs have the same standard bulb fittings as other bulbs.

There's a very wide range of wall lighting to suit modern tastes available today. Whilst there are many traditional wall light fittings on the market, there are many others which would suit in modern or eclectic homes too. For inspiration, browse for wall lights by your chosen look or trend such as, contemporary, modern rustic, designer or industrial.

The direction of a wall light is a personal aesthetic choice as both provide good ambient lighting for a room. The uplighter radiates a little more accent lighting up the wall and to the ceiling while the downlighter projects to the wall below. You may choose which suits your décor, plus the height and positioning of the light on the wall. Picture wall lights can also be chosen to direct light down on to paintings.