Recess Curtain Poles - made-to-measure


Handmade wrought iron curtain poles to fit within a recess

Our handmade wrought iron recess curtain poles are made-to-measure to fit snugly into a recess setting with our own design of blacksmith-made recess brackets at each end. Made from strong and lightweight tubular steel in a choice of three diameters, our poles are available in a natural black or light burnished steel finish. Our aim is to deliver a quality pole for your recessed window or doorway. Follow our measurement guide below for the perfect wall-to-wall fit. Add a central bracket to your pole if the length requires too.

Pole Diameter

Choose the diameter of your pole. [ We recommend at least 22mm for a pole above 1.5 metres in length. ] For more about our poles see here


Choose either our traditional natural black finish or light burnished steel alternative. Read more about our finishes

Recess width (cm)

Tell us the width (cm) of the recess – wall-to-wall - in which you want to fit your pole. See our Measuring Guide below.

Recess Brackets

Two recess brackets - one for each end of your pole - have been added here [ for poles fitting into a corner with a recess bracket one end and a decorative finial the other, please order your pole here ]

Central Bracket - if required

Add an additional central bracket if needed – we recommend a central bracket for 16mm poles over 1.5m long and 22m/32mm poles over 2m long. You can choose the style of central bracket you would like in this drop-down menu - and see more about brackets here

Choose the number of rings you require (if using)

Tell us the number you require. We recommend a minimum of one ring per 8cm of pole. Put zero in this box if you are hanging curtains directly onto your pole with eyelets or tab-tops.

Usual delivery timescale for this item: within 4 weeks [ What does this mean? ]

Measuring Guide

wrought iron curtain pole measuring guide for recess curtain pole by Nigel Tyas ironwork

To order the exact length of pole you need, simply measure the width of your recess from wall to wall - we will make the necessary adjustment to allow for the depth of the brackets and make your pole, complete with recess brackets, to fit perfectly in this space. Please take your measurement in centimetres (cm).

Important note: Please take the measurement as close as possible to the position where you would like the pole to fit to the wall. It is surprising how much the width of a recess can vary from top to bottom and back to front.

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