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Choosing the right curtain poles

Wrought Iron Curtain Pole Ordering Guide

Wrought Iron Curtain Pole Ordering Guide

Here are a few tips to guide you through our ordering process.

Our wrought iron curtain poles are made to measure to fit your requirements. You can choose the type of pole, design of finial and hand-forged brackets that you would like.

Don’t forget to also order the curtain rings or hooks you need - plus any holdbacks or tieback hooks.

'Traditional Poles' or 'Cottage Poles'?

Our Traditional Poles can be made to any length and are available with our widest choice of hand-forged finial designs. The finials are made separately and easily attached with a seamless join.

Made from high-quality, thick-walled tubular steel, our traditional curtain poles provide strength and rigidity, whilst at the same time minimising weight. This means these poles are suitable for fitting to any type of wall and any size of window. They will comfortably support floor-length, lined drapes. We supply handmade brackets to fit your pole in any kind of setting and always recommend an additional central bracket to support poles over 2 metres long.

Please note, longer curtain poles made-to-measure over 2.2metres (220cm) are made in two or more parts, in practical terms to allow for shipping. The sections are joined together quickly and easily with an internal spigot and the discreet seam is covered by the supporting bracket.

Features :

- handmade to measure
- supplied with detachable handmade finials
- available in 16mm, 22mm, 32mm diameters
- a choice of 15 finial designs (not all finials are available in all sizes so please check)
- unlimited length - anything over 2.2m is split for standard carriage and any single length maximum for manufacturing is 3metres
- the tubular steel has a smooth appearance, for a more rustic forged style choose our cottage poles instead
- available in our natural black or light burnished steel surface finish

Click here to find out more about traditional poles ...

Best for larger windows. Up to any job. Handsome and practical.

Our Cottage Poles are made of solid mild steel. They are handmade and forged in one piece* and have a lovely rustic texture and appearance..

Cottage poles are beautiful pieces of hand-forged wrought ironwork. Because of their solid nature and weight, we recommend they are best for smaller windows. They can be made up a maximum overall length of 2 metres including finials. Used to this length, they will comfortably support floor-length, lined curtains.

Features :

- handmade to measure
- available in 12mm or 16mm diameter
- a choice of 5 finial designs
- cottage poles with curl or shepherd’s crook finials are made in one piece
- * cottage poles with forged ball, smooth sphere or button finials are made with one detachable finial to allow curtain rings to be threaded on to the pole
- made up to 2 metres in length, maximum
- available in our natural black surface finish only

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Suitable for smaller windows. Rustic in character. Beautiful ironwork

Your perfect pole – pick the diameter, colour and type of pole fitting you would you like

Traditional poles are available in three diameter sizes. Choose the size you need. We do recommend a minimum 22mm diameter pole for curtain poles of above 2.5m (2500mm) in length. Cottage poles come in two diameters. If ordering traditional poles, you can choose the finish you prefer too. Also, let us know if you require a standard pole to be fixed to a wall or a recess pole to be fit within a window recess. If ordering a standard pole, pick your favourite finial design. There you have it – your perfect pole!

Time to measure up!

Tell us the length of curtain pole you require - Click here for our helpful measuring guide.

There is a minimum price of £30 for traditional poles - as you input the actual length you require on our website the price of your pole will update automatically on screen. Cottage poles are priced differently for each design, but each is then a standard price for up to 1000mm, and beyond that up to 2000mm. Just select a pole ‘up to 1000mm’ or ‘1000m to 2000mm’ and specify the exact length you need it to be made.

Wrought iron brackets

Our handmade brackets come in six styles and are strong! Tailor-made to fit each diameter of pole, we offer a choice of wall and ceiling bracket fittings as well as compact recess brackets to fit snuggly into window recesses. We also produce adjustable brackets for use on uneven walls.

We recommend a central bracket if your traditional curtain pole is over 2 metres long and horizontal brackets are best for this purpose. If you would like to pull your curtain smoothly over the central bracket, choose a hook design bracket, and add hooks to your order, instead of rings.

We have lots of experience in helping our customers find solutions to all sorts of tricky fitting challenges, and if necessary brackets can be made-to-measure for a perfect fit.

Don’t forget your curtain rings!

It’s easy to forget to pop these in the basket. We recommend a minimum of one ring, or hook, per 10cm of pole. This, of course, depends on how much gather you like in your curtains – add a few more rings or hooks if you prefer a fuller look.

If you are planning to not use rings but hang your tab-top or eyelet curtains directly on to your pole, we recommend having your poles lacquered to seal and finish the surface of the ironwork and mitigate against any risk of wax transfer onto the fabric. Please give us a call with any queries on 01226 766618.

To complete the look

Finally, you may like to buy matching holdbacks or tie hooks to complete the look of your new handmade wrought iron curtain poles.

Your curtain pole will then be handmade to order by our skilled blacksmiths. Please allow a little time for this piece of beautiful bespoke ironwork.

We’re here to help

We are always happy to offer advice on ordering. If you need curtain poles for a non-standard window, we can advise on the measurements needed and provide an obligation free quotation - Just call Sheena or Sam on 01226 766618 or email

Click here for our helpful measuring guide - Curtain pole measuring guide