Traditional Finials - our full range of designs

Traditional Finials - our full range of designs

Choose the finial design you would like to add to your traditional curtain pole.

Traditional Finials

You’ve chosen the thickness, finish and length of your traditional curtain pole, now choose from our beautiful selection of 15 handmade traditional finials.

Our traditional finial designs offer an exceptional choice. They include the dramatic Serpent, Tendril and Ringlet designs; the elegant Shepherd’s Crook, Curl and Pigtail and the simple Forged Ball, Button or Smooth Sphere designs.

Each traditional finial is designed to insert perfectly in to the end of your made-to-measure pole with a push-fit spigot fitting.

If you are ordering a standard wall-fixed curtain pole, you’ll need two traditional finials; one for each end. In situations where your curtain pole fits up a wall at one end, please order one finial and a Single Recess bracket to complete your pole. If your curtain pole is to fit entirely within a recess, then please click here to go straight to our Curtain Pole Brackets section.

If you have any queries about our traditional finial designs or how our finials will fit your poles, please contact us on 01226 766618 or email with any queries.