Shepherd's Crook Collection

The Shepherd’s Crook Collection

The Shepherd’s Crook is one of Nigel’s earliest designs and is inspired by the rolling countryside of the South Pennines, where sheep farming has always been part of our landscape. Indeed, Nigel and Elizabeth keep their own small herd of rare breed sheep today.

Historically our area has been home to a particular breed of sheep called the White-faced Woodland which is also known as the ‘Penistone sheep’ – named after our nearby market town. The tough, lean and course-fleeced White-faced Woodland was well-suited to the challenges of hill grazing in these parts. but it has become a very rare breed since the First World War, when meatier breeds with softer wool came to dominate the market. We, however, have a very soft spot for our hardy local sheep.

Our Shepherd’s Crook design motif, and of course our Ramshead design too, celebrate traditional shepherding in the UK and our very own local breed of sheep.

The hook and curl of our Shepherd’s Crook design is hand-forged by our blacksmiths using hammer, anvil, tongs and jigs.

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