Handmade wrought iron portière – made to measure up to 1100mm

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Wrought iron made-to-measure portière rod with a choice of five beautiful handmade finials. Our Forged Ball, Smooth Sphere and Button portières are priced £120 and our distinctive hand forged Curl and Shepherd’s Crook portières, at £135. A portiere rod, also known as a door curtain rod or a French door rod, is a type of curtain rod/pole designed specifically for hanging curtains or drapes over a door frame. Our handmade to measure wrought iron portière rods have a simple but sturdy hinged bracket, which may be fitted to the wall beside your door or to the adjacent wall, allowing you to swing it back and forth over your doorway with ease, to keep out the cold and keep your home cosy.

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Detailed product information

made to measure up to a maximum length of 1100 mm
made from 16 mm solid wrought iron pole
wall bracket dimensions: 50mm wide x 230mm high x 35mm depth from wall
stand-off from the wall to the centre of the pole - 25mm
made with your choice finial - button, forged ball, smooth sphere, shepherd’s crook or curl
if fitting beside the door, measure the distance between the edge of the bracket and the end of your chosen finial (see diagram)
if fitting to the adjacent wall, measure the distance between the wall and the end of your chosen finial (see diagram)
when measuring, ensure your portière extends beyond your doorway so it will cover any draught at the edge
available in natural black finish only
curtains are often hung directly on to the portière pole (see image) with tab-tops etc, but if using rings, select the number you require, we suggest a minimum of one per 8cm (sold separately)
portière pole may be easily removed from wall bracket in summer if desired

Frequently Asked Questions

A portiere rod is a type of curtain rod designed specifically for hanging curtains or draperies over doorways or openings. It has a single bracket allowing it to pivot when the door is opened so the curtain can remain drawn if required. It is often used to create a decorative and functional barrier between rooms or to add privacy to a space but most commonly it helps keep out drafts.

Portiere rods are distinct from regular curtain rods because they are typically shorter and are designed to fit over a specific doorway or opening. Our handmade wrought iron portieres are made to measure – we can easily accommodate different door sizes and come with specialized brackets for easy installation.

Portiere rods are commonly made from various materials, including metal (such as brass, iron, or steel), wood, and plastic. The choice of material depends on the desired aesthetic and the weight of the curtains or draperies being hung. As with most of our products, we choose mild steel/wrought iron as it allows the skill of the blacksmith to shine through with a forged decorative finial being created within the manufacturing process. This creates a strong portiere rod that will support most full length curtains assuming the wall fixing are adequate for the structure.

Installing a portiere rod involves attaching brackets to the wall or door frame on one side of the doorway. The rod is then placed in the brackets, and the curtains are hung from the rod. If required, we can also make a support bracket to allow one end of the portiere to rest on if very long. We also can construct a self closing mechanism dependant on the type of door it is to be hung over.

Yes, portiere rods serve a dual purpose. They can be used decoratively to enhance the aesthetics of a room by framing doorways and adding a touch of elegance. Additionally, they can be functional, providing privacy, blocking drafts, or preventing light from passing through.

Portiere rods can accommodate various types of curtains or draperies, including panels, valances, and tie-back curtains. The choice of curtain style depends on the intended use and the overall design of the room.

When using portiere rods, it's important to consider the overall design and color scheme of the room. Choose curtains or draperies that complement the existing decor. Additionally, consider the height at which the rod is placed and the length of the curtains to achieve the desired visual effect. Our solid wrought iron portiere is available in a traditional black waxed finish or a more contemporary light burnished steel.

Yes, portiere rods can be used in commercial spaces, such as hotels, restaurants, and theatres, to create elegant entrances or partitions between areas. They can add a touch of sophistication and functionality to these spaces.

Portiere rods may require occasional cleaning to remove dust and dirt. Occasionally a waxed version will benefit from a light recoating of a good beeswax based furniture. Additionally, check for any loose brackets or hardware and tighten them as needed to ensure the rod remains secure.

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