Handmade wrought iron portière – made to measure up to 1100mm


Handmade wrought iron portière

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Wrought iron made-to-measure portière with a choice of five beautiful handmade finials. Our Forged Ball, Smooth Sphere and Button portières are priced £145 and our distinctive hand forged Curl and Shepherd’s Crook portières, at £170. The portière's hinged bracket, which may be fitted to the wall beside your door or to the adjacent wall, allows you to swing it back and forth over your doorway with ease, to keep out the cold and keep your home cosy.

Choose your portière's finial design

Please choose your finial design and note its length for measuring.
Click here to see finial designs in more detail

Enter the portière length including finial (cm)

See supplied finial lengths above. Click here to see measuring guides for door-side fitting or adjacent wall fitting - also see diagrams provided above. Please ensure your pole extends a little way beyond your doorway so that it will cover any draught at the edge.

Choose the number of rings you require (if using)

Tell us the number you require. We recommend a minimum of one ring per 8cm of pole. Put zero in this box if you are hanging curtains directly onto your pole with eyelets or tab-tops.

Usual delivery timescale for this item: within 4 weeks [ What does this mean? ]
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  • made to measure up to a maximum length of 1100 mm
  • made from 16 mm solid wrought iron pole
  • wall bracket dimensions: 50mm wide x 230mm high x 25mm depth from wall
  • made with your choice finial - button, forged ball, smooth sphere, shepherd’s crook or curl
  • design allows for fitting to either the right or left side of a door
  • if fitting beside the door, measure the distance between the edge of the bracket and the end of your chosen finial (see diagram)
  • if fitting to the adjacent wall, measure the distance between the wall and the end of your chosen finial (see diagram)
  • when measuring, ensure your portière extends beyond your doorway so it will cover any draught at the edge
  • available in natural black finish only
  • curtains are often hung directly on to the portière pole (see image) with tab-tops etc, but if using rings, select the number you require, we suggest a minimum of one per 10cm
  • portière pole may be easily removed from wall bracket in summer if desired

Now that you have chosen your portière ...

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