Sending a wrought iron light fitting to America

It has arrived! Our crate of wrought iron lighting handmade in Yorkshire has reached is destination in South Dakota, USA.

Nigel Tyas delivery reaches USA destination

Our customer Josh Plorde ordered three large 8-light wrought iron chandeliers with tapered forged ball details on a taper and a set of spotlight pendants to hang in his Tudor-style mansion in Sioux Falls.

Contents of the Nigel Tyas crate revealed

The chandeliers, which measured nearly a metre across by two metres high, needed careful packing in a made-to-measure crate which was shipped by Sea Freight Transglobal across the Atlantic.

Our wrought iron chandelier unwrapped

Ten weeks later, Josh was able to collect them from the carrier’s Chicago depot and get them to his home for the big un-packing. That's quite a mammoth journey for our handmade Yorkshire lights.

Our existing wrought iron chandelier

Josh is a dedicated Nigel Tyas customer and already has an 8-light Shepherd’s Crook chandelier, two shepherd’s crook lamps; as well as a Mitre chandelier and 6-light Mitre table lamp in his family home.

Josh Plordes South Dakota home

Josh found us online and says ours was “the best iron work lighting” he could find. He was looking for something which really fitted in with his Tudor ceilings – and says he gets lots of compliments from visitors. It’s nice to think of our ironwork is drawing the eye of folk across the miles.

Handmade Illions spotlight being unwrapped

His next order? Curtain poles – so that will be a long, long box to send over the ocean to Sioux Fall, South Dakota.

Thanks for your orders Josh.