Candle-light for our wrought iron chandeliers and wall lights

Did you know we can make many of our chandeliers and traditional wall lights to hold candles instead of bulbs?

If flickering candlelight with its beautiful and unique ambience is what you're looking for, please do give us a call.

Any of our designs which feature LED candle bulbs could be customised by our creative blacksmiths to carry candles instead.

We like to discuss such orders on a case-by-case basis to make sure we make the perfect candle-lit chandelier or wall light for you. We need to know the diameter of candle you'd like to use to ensure we design each fitting to hold it securely.

We highly recommend you always buy quality candles with a long, slow, clean burn for light fittings. And let's be practical, given you are opting against lighting at the flick of a switch and choosing candles instead, please do bear in mind how you will reach your candles to light and extinguish them.

We have made pulleys for our customers to lower and raise chandeliers in the past (as for the above pictured) but bear in mind that these bespoke pieces of kit need to be carefully engineered and priced accordingly.

Also, remember that you need to ensure that unattended candles are snuffed out. All that sensible advice aside, aren't candles lovely..!

Call us on 01226 766618 or email if you would like to ask about ordering one of our traditional wall lights or chandeliers with customised fittings for candles.