Stairwell Lighting

Stairwell Lighting Collection

A collection of Nigel Tyas long-drop lighting designs suitable for stairwells, vaulted ceilings and double storey spaces.

The long drop of a stairwell can often present an exciting opportunity for a unique light which can fill this space and create an attractive statement interior design feature. The light you choose needs to look good from landing to hallway.

At Nigel Tyas, we design and make a range of large lights which can be customised to fit your stairwell perfectly. We can make them as wide and long as you choose. We can add to the number of lights or tiers or you need. You can chose metalwork finish and cable colour.

With styles ranging from traditional wrought iron chandeliers to cascades of coourful lead crystal bell-shaped shades, we offer customers a wide choice of options to suit their taste.

Have a look at our stairwell edit to seek inspiration for your stairs. Talk to us about your particular needs in this most demanding and rewarding of locations for lighting in the home.