Swaine Collection

Swaine Collection

Browse products in our original and consistently popular Swaine design range

The Swaine wall light was Nigel’s first design and remains an enduring favourite to this day. It combines a hand-forged, scroll-top backplate with sweeping arms, mounted with dishes and candle tubes, in ivory; natural black or light burnished steel - to match the finish of your light. This traditional wall light can be used with or without shades.

The Swaine design became the basis for several others such as the Emley, Dunford and Winscar wall lights which each offer a slightly different look for our customers. All of these wall lights are named after villages and places around our forge in the beautiful rolling hills to the north of Sheffield in South Yorkshire.

We've included the slightly smaller Emley wall light our Swaine collection as it is the Swaine's closest cousin and shows such similar design features, just more compact.

The Swaine wall light’s particular claim to fame is that we previously sold a dozen or so to adorn the walls of the Woolpack on Emmerdale!