Midhope Collection

Midhope Collection

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The Midhope Collection

The Midhope design was first developed by Nigel in response to a customer’s request, in the very early days of the business. A medieval-style chandelier which works in a modern home was required. The square, scroll-topped Midhope design fit the bill perfectly and it has become a staple of our catalogue and a favourite for heritage properties and homes with traditional interiors of all kinds. The Midhope design range includes chandeliers and wall lights.

The Midhope is hand-forged with hammer, anvil and tongs to create its scroll tops and chamfered edges. It is wired in our workshop and topped with candle dishes and tubes for our small LED candle bulb fittings.

The range is named after the village of Midhope near our forge in South Yorkshire, where a cluster of rural cottages, farmhouses, inns and barns date back to the 17th and 18th centuries and beyond.