Hartcliff Collection

Hartcliff Collection

Take a closer look at our Hartcliff collection of chandeliers and lighting.

The Hartcliff Collection

One of Nigel and Elizabeth’s aims when they set up Nigel Tyas Ironwork in the year 2000 was to create a beautiful and elegant chandelier which wasn't fussy, glitzy or overly ornate. There is a place for such products of course, but as a blacksmith working with wrought iron, Nigel wanted to fashion his material to make something both strong and graceful. The result is the Hartcliff with its clean, fluid and perfectly-balanced lines.

The Hartcliff’s shape and design were inspired by the vaulted roof in the cloisters of Canterbury Cathedral – Nigel looked up and felt he could develop the chandelier he was looking for by reflecting its arched proportions in reverse!

The Hartcliff range is named after a hillside near to the Nigel Tyas forge. There’s rumours that an Iron Age forge lies beneath it, but this requires further investigation.