A Yorkshire blacksmith in Paris
7 February 2018

Posted By Nigel Tyas

Nigel shares his experience of joining a Northern Powerhouse trade mission to France.

Every now and again we get an opportunity not to be missed – and joining a ‘Northern Powerhouse Trade Mission’ to Paris was just one of those opportunities ...

Nigel Tyas at the British Embassy, Paris Read More

A Pennine barn conversion – there’s no place like home
19 January 2018

Posted By Steph Pollard

Creating beautiful and homely interiors involves combining a range of big ideas and little details. Professional designers take every element into account at the outset of ‘blank canvas’ schemes, including the all-important lighting and accessories. That’s why we were really pleased to be considered right from the start of Jane Schindler’s renovation of her 18th century barn conversion. Many of our lights, lamps, curtain poles and homeware feature in her calm and comfortable home – which she never wants to leave!

Thanks so much to Jane for sharing her Nigel Tyas experience in this video ...

The White-faced Woodland – inspiration for our ramshead design
16 December 2017

Posted By Steph Pollard

Blacksmiths have always decorated their work for others to enjoy and for their own satisfaction too - to demonstrate their skill in working hot metal into intricate designs. Nigel’s distinctive Ramshead design is a good example of achieving both these aims. It requires a great deal of detailed hammer and tong blacksmithing work to create each individual ramshead. On top of that, the design is a loving re-creation of a very particular rare breed which Nigel has a soft spot for - the White-faced Woodland ...

White-faced Woodland Read More

St Clement - the patron saint of blacksmiths
23 November 2017

Posted By Nigel Tyas

November 23rd is St Clement’s Day when we remember the patron saint of blacksmiths and take a moment to celebrate our ancient craft. We performed the traditional ceremony of ‘Firing the Anvil’ to mark the occasion at the forge this year. Here Nigel explains what this is all about, and talks about ‘Old Clem’, and the folklore behind our trade ...

St Clement - the patron saint of blacksmiths Read More

In celebration of our churches
10 November 2017

Posted By Elizabeth Stocker

Can you imagine our towns and villages without churches? These historic buildings are so integral to our urban and rural landscapes that it’s very easy to take them for granted. Here, Elizabeth Stocker celebrates Nigel Tyas Ironwork’s association with the National Churches Trust, which aims to promote the up-keep and appreciation of the nation’s churches ...

In celebration of our churches - St. Leonard's Church, Monyash, Derbyshire Read More

Inside a Yorkshire Shepherd's Hut
9 October 2017

Posted By Steph Pollard

Did you know that we supply wrought iron lighting to fit in some of the beautiful bespoke Shepherd’s huts designed and made by The Yorkshire Hut Company? ...

Yorkshire Hut Company outside Read More

Come and see us at Penistone Show - Saturday 9th September
18 August 2017

Posted By Elizabeth Stocker

It is nearly time for Penistone Show and we are so looking forward to meeting people at the Nigel Tyas Ironwork stand.

Penistone Show is one of the largest one-day agricultural shows in the UK and takes places every year just a few miles from the forge, right at the heart of our local market town community. It attracts thousands of farmers, rural businesses and visitors from all over the country ...

Come and see us at Penistone Show Read More

'At the anvil - keeping ironworking skills alive’ - Come and visit the forge on Friday September 8th
4 August 2017

Posted By Steph Pollard

We are delighted to announce that we will be taking part in ‘Heritage Open Days’ for the first time this year.

This nationwide event celebrates every aspect of the UK’s heritage, history and traditions and between September 7th and 10th, stately homes, museums, factories, churches, theatres, historic sites and traditional businesses open their doors to the public to have a look around for free.

We will be having our ‘Open Afternoon’ on Friday September 8th, between 2.30pm and 5pm ...

At the anvil - keeping ironworking skills alive - Come and visit the forge on Friday September 8th Read More

The Maythorne Pendant - introducing our latest designer light
3 August 2017

Posted By Nigel Tyas

I am delighted to announce that we have added a new pendant light to our range of handmade wrought iron lighting. The Maythorne pendant is a new twist on the Maythorne wall light design ...

The Maythorne Pendant - Nigel Tyas Read More

Throwing some light on the subject of LED bulbs – A beginner’s guide
1 August 2017

Posted By Steph Pollard

Here at Nigel Tyas we extol the virtues of LED lighting – it’s bright, attractive, energy-efficient and money saving.

LED bulbs offer a wide choice in terms of the type of light they generate – soft, warm, bright, strong – and they are often designed to look good themselves with interesting shapes and retro-design filaments. ...

The Stocksmoor Pendant - Nigel Tyas Read More

Enoch the Power Hammer
16 March 2017

Posted By Nigel Tyas

Nigel introduces us to the heavy-weight power hammer which is central to the manufacturing process in our workshop - and explains why it is affectionately called Enoch.

Our mighty power hammer has stood in the workshop, alongside our anvil, since we set up the business in 2000 – and it has a name. Enoch. To explain why, I have to tell you the history of Enoch’s Hammer ...

Enoch the Power Hammer - Nigel Tyas Read More

A week in the life of a rescue hen
22 November 2016

Posted By Elizabeth Stocker

Nigel and I have been keeping chickens in the back garden for about 18 years now.

Late last year all but two of our hens were killed by a stoat. In August I made contact with a charity called Fresh Start for Hens and on a very wet Saturday afternoon Nigel collected our first 4 hens from Doncaster. This is their story ...

A week in the life of an ex-battery hen - Nigel Tyas Read More

Metalwork Lessons in the 1960's
9 Sept 2016

Posted By Nigel Tyas

My first experience of blacksmithing was when I was about 13.

In my second year at secondary school I started doing metalwork as part of the curriculum. We had a comprehensive workshop in the school with lathe’s, milling machines, shapers, pillar drills and a forge, along with all the other equipment needed to do the various projects on the syllabus. This was always going to be exciting! ...

Metalworking at School - Nigel Tyas Read More

The Northern Powerhouse
16 June 2016

Posted By Nigel Tyas

Two weeks ago I attended a meeting of business people from the Sheffield area to hear about the progress of The Northern Powerhouse project.

It occurred to me that the North of England has been undergoing a steady decline over the last 40 years. When I was starting my career in 1970 the North of England was a thriving economic area with high levels of employment ...

Northern Powerhouse Read More

Cannon Hall's Cannons
5 May 2016

Posted By Elizabeth Stocker

I love it when we get asked to do something a bit special or ‘out of the ordinary’ !

We enjoy our day to day work here at Bullhouse Mill, but just occasionally we are approached to do something a little bit different. Late last year, Dr. John Tanner of Barnsley Museums contacted us about the mysterious cannons of Cannon Hall.

Cannon Hall Cannons Read More

Elizabeth’s Moonlighting Job
11 November 2015

Posted By Jim Milner

Elizabeth works very hard helping to run Nigel Tyas Ironwork, but it has to be admitted that she is prone to sneaking out of the office and coming to work with me at Rose Cottage instead – where she designs most of the inscriptions on my sculptures. Here is her work on the Thurlstone War memorial in 2013.

Elizabeth’s Moonlighting Job Read More

LED by Traditional Yet Modern in Use
17 May 2015

Posted By Nigel Tyas

Nigel has been working on some new designs in the forge recently and we thought it important to let you know that whilst our traditional designs do look, well – traditional – they are modern in that they can all be used with LED light bulbs.

Energy efficient lighting – LED light bulbs operate at around 80% efficiency, compared to standard bulbs that are only 20% efficient. These huge power savings lead to massive reductions in your electricity bills.

LED by Traditional Yet Modern in Use Read More

Harmonious Blacksmiths
14 May 2015

Posted By Jim Milner

I first met Nigel Tyas and his wife Elizabeth in 2005. I had wanted to buy some wrought iron fencing for my garden, and a friend advised me to go and see them at their Bullhouse Mill forge. The last time I had visited the mill was in 1978 when I was working as a shepherd on a neighbouring farm, and the mill supplied my employer’s farm with cattle-feed and fertiliser.

At that time, the ancient water-powered corn-mill was still milling corn, as it had been doing for centuries, but by then, more modern machinery was powered by electricity instead of by the waters of the River Don.

Harmonious Blacksmiths Read More

Sheep may safely graze?
23 March 2015

Posted By Elizabeth Stocker

Spring is coming and the grass is just starting to grow a bit in our little field, but there is still not enough to feed our small flock – so we bring them into their little barn and feed them hay every night.

Ten days ago, the sheep were behaving strangely when I went to see them in the afternoon. They were very nervous and ran to me at the bottom of the field. Woolly, usually the first to come, wouldn’t let me touch her.

Sheep may safely graze? Read More

Andre’s Bench
18 March 2015

Posted By Elizabeth Stocker

2014 was a sad year for us at Bullhouse Mill. A year ago today, Andre Werra, the best man at our wedding in 2002, died of a brain tumour, leaving his partner Sue, his sons Andrew and Leon, daughter-in-law Kate and granddaughter Eloise. Andre was a fine blacksmith and joined us as our foreman in 2008. He is sorely missed here.

As Andre was a keen fisherman, Nigel decided to design a bench to commemorate his life with the theme of the river banks he had so loved.

Andre’s Bench Read More

Alice’s tadpole
21 February 2015

Posted By Elizabeth Stocker

Dawn, Sheena, Katie and I all made tadpoles to use as ornamentation for the bench Nigel and the blacksmiths were making to commemorate our friend Andre’s life.

Dawn’s daughter Alice asked if she could make one too. Here is how she did it. Andrew had prepared a kit for her – a 25mm solid steel sphere welded to a rod, to make into the head, and a strip of 13mm by 3mm flat steel to make the tail from. Andrew starts by describing how they would be shaping them.

Alice’s tadpole Read More

The Blacksmith’s Bistro
14 February 2015

Posted By Elizabeth Stocker

Two years ago Elizabeth decided that there was no longer room enough in the office to display Nigel’s growing range of designs, and moved her office/showroom to a larger room on the other side of the workshop.

The old office had a large picture window overlooking the workshop next-door. Many visitors used to spend a great deal of time looking through it, fascinated by the sight of the three blacksmiths working there.

The blacksmith’s bistro Read More

Naming Our Designs
14 January 2015

Posted By NIgel Tyas

Here in the south Pennines we have a long and proud tradition of metalworking and it was this great heritage that led us to set up our forge at Bullhouse where we knew we could find people with the skills to grow the business.

There have been a number of watermills on the Upper Don, and the mill at Bullhouse is one of the oldest, first recorded around 1435 AD.

Naming Our Designs Read More

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