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In Support of British Steel
5 February 2016

Posted By Nigel Tyas

Recent news once again casts a dark shadow over our manufacturing industry. The loss of yet more jobs within our steel industry is another blow to our great heritage. Nationwide around 1200 steel workers will hear that they will lose their jobs and face an uncertain future for them and their families.

In Support of British Steel

The effects will filter through to many small and medium sized businesses which supply the steel plants with goods and services, resulting in many more than 1200 redundancies. Ours is only a tiny business but we still rely on a number of local businesses to supply us with material and small parts. It’s a lot like a gearbox and if enough of these parts are removed then the whole system will no longer work.

In Support of British Steel

Steel is a vital part of our national capability used by 1000’s of businesses throughout the UK and although we can buy this material from abroad we must remember that the steel industry is a key national asset. Whenever we can, we specify British steel when ordering our raw stock. If this is not possible, which is looking more and more likely in the coming years, then the next choice is EU in origin.

In Support of British Steel

The UK steel industry produces some of the finest steel in the world and it is sought after the world over for specialist applications. The infrastructure and the engineering capacity of our once world leading manufacturing industries is slowly crumbling, the skills are disappearing and fewer and fewer young people are interested in taking up the trades needed to keep our country self-reliant. Many of our skilled engineers will, like me, be retiring in the next few years and sadly the pool of experience will start to dry up very quickly!

In Support of British Steel

I know that our economy has moved away from manufacturing over to services but the truth is that we need both service industries and a strong manufacturing industry, of which steel plays a vital role.

The outlook in the short to medium term is not looking too good for UK industry, so come on everybody and make sure that we all buy as much as we can that's ...


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